Brave piglet

The guileful wolves headed by their malicious leader decided to occupy the pigs’ houses and to gorge the pigs. The scared pigs called for their superhero, who had to rush to the attack and protect little ones. Controlling the pig repulse the wolves and protect pigs’ houses.

The super pig moves on an elevator up and down and catapults the wolves. The main aim of the game is prohibit wolves to climb up. You can hit the wolves, but to knock down a wolf you need to hit it several times. If a wolf climbs up, the pig will lose one life.

There are also the bonuses that descent by parachutes; knock them down and get extra lives, different weapon or simply some extra points. Help our brave pig to protect his friends!
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19 votes Vote

Make it less boring

PeteTX, 11.03.2012, 09:56
7 votes Vote

Mix it up with some mini games

sukibabe, 11.03.2012, 13:33
1 vote Vote

Add some sums, substractions, multiplications and divisions to make it an Educational game.

Also reduce the price: it is really worth $6.
Flora, 12.03.2012, 01:36
1 vote Vote

Would be great to have both a child's version and an adult version within the same game.

Lulu, 12.03.2012, 07:46